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Open access fibre network, owned by the City of New Westminster

How It Works

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) lease fibre from BridgeNet and then offer a range of service options to businesses, property managers, and multi-family residences.

Internet Service Providers

Commercial / Multi-Residentials

Internet Service Providers

Commercial / Multi-Residentials

Open market. Multiple service providers. Flexible options.

Experience the Difference

Fibre connections are up to

40X Faster

Fibre Internet
DSL Connection

How fast is it? We get asked that a lot. With 1 gigabit per second, you could expect to download an entire HD movie in 25 seconds, or 25 songs on one second.

Fibre optic internet enables businesses and residents to access cloud data and real-time applications seamlessly

Realize the Possibilities

BridgeNet is laying the groundwork for community innovation, growth, and inclusion.

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