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Discover the Difference Fibre Makes

What is an Open Access Fibre Network?

Open access fibre provides any internet service provider or telecommunication company access to the infrastructure at fair and reasonable prices, and on transparent, non-discriminatory terms. This creates both an open market and platform for internet service providers and telecommunication companies to add value and deliver affordable service to their customers. As the open access network provider, the City of New Westminster remains neutral and independent, strengthening the local economy through greater competition and access to gigabit fibre.

Why Fibre?

Fibre can easily carry digital information over long distances, and is much faster than traditional copper wire services. Providing reliable, fast, high capacity broadband at an affordable price, fibre allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and be leaders in their industries. With a symmetrical connection, downloads and uploads occur simultaneously with no reduction in speed, creating the ideal environment for cloud access, big data, real-time applications, and heavy file transfers.

With Gigabit fibre and choice of ISPs, end users can expect:

Instantaneous collaboration

Rapid data transfer

Real time communications

Improved digital experience

BridgeNet is only available in New West. Connected businesses get more than speed.


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